Friday, 7 September 2012

Italian - were the challenge began

The idea was to just meet the Amazing Sparkles in London for a catch up. I, as usual was late, because I walked to the wrong tube station. By the time I managed to get their Mrs Amazing Sparkle had nearly digested her stomach, so we quickly moved to finding a place to eat. As we were in Trafalger Square, the local Pizza Express seemed a good a place as any. I asked for a table for 4, Dave, had brought his suitcase and it seemed appropriate to give it a place at the table, and luckily the Waitress obliged. We ordered a mediocre bottle of red, buts lets be honest its not really a wine connoisseur place, and each had a pizza. The food was quick and tasted, well like Pizza Express pizza, nothing special. It was during this evening that the challenge was proposed. The idea, 80 plate of food representing 80 parts of the World. I am not actually sure wether Pizza express counts, although having travelled to Italy with Mrs Amazing Sparkle many years ago and eating a metre of pizza in Vico Equense, I am sure that Pizza does count towards this area of Italy, and at least brought up memories for us both and ridiculous stories of jumping in the pool from our bedroom window in the small hours of the morning, sleeping on tables after drinking a bottle of amaretto and being public enemy number 1 with the other guests in the hotel. 

So with the challenge accepted, we ventured to find a Frozen yoghurt place as I am addicted to the stuff. Snog was the place of choice today and enjoyed by all.

All in all a good venture for the first evening. However no crazyness really had as Julia still not 100% well from her sickness. 

1 plate down 79 to go, this meal representing Naples, Italy. 

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