Friday, 21 September 2012

Some Dim Sum

The third evening began with a tricky situation and indecision on all parts. I eventually met up with Julia at Oxford Circus and we decided to walk to Leicester square and hopefully meet Dave. On the way we saw the queue for the iPhone 5, lots of men standing in the rain, although happily, waved for a picture. 

A decision had to ben made relatively quickly on where to eat as I had not bought an umbrella, convinced the persistent rain was just going to be a passing shower. Walking up through the delights of China Town I spotted Dim Sum Palace, and having a soft spot for Dim Sum we decided to make this the third meal. The lady on the door asked us if we wanted buffet and I said no, and we were ushered to a table and given menu's. Dave soon joined us and with Jasmine tea and oriental beer flowing the night began. 

The waiter helped us order a selection of Dim Sum, noodles and some Pak Choi, and within minutes it arrived. Everything was delicious, the Dim Sum was some of the best I have eaten. The noodles were not so special but the Pak Choi was delicious. We soon realised that were were the only White English table in the place, and took that as a sign of fantastic food. 

After a wonderful meal and me only getting told of once by the waiter over confusion on filling up my water glass, we moved on to find another Frozen Yoghurt place Julia said was really yummy. The rain had stopped and walking past all the restaurants bought interesting aroma's and visionary food art to our journey. We wandered through the streets of London, narrowly avoiding being hit by cyclists as we dashed across the road, and held off the temptations of out of date giant Hershey's bars, left over from last Christmas. 

Our journey ended at a Tutti Frutti Frozen yoghurt bar just outside Soho. We spent several minutes perfecting our pudding selection with added extra bits, flavoured yoghurt mixtures, sprinkles and loyalty bonus cards and then sat and mused over the differences between this company and the one sampled before. 

The evening was brought to a close and all who took part headed their separate ways. The journey to the bus stop was uneventful and again I managed to get home before the Amazing Sparkles. Unfortunately, I did wake up the next day with a salt related hangover, and regretted the unlimited tea deal, which I had clearly taken too much advantage of. However the Dim Sum palace did mean that we could tick Southern China, Guangdong Province, off from the culinary world journey. 

3 plates down, 77 still to go, with plenty of choice left ahead....

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