Friday, 14 September 2012

The random second plate.........

...... well the story and quest to 80 continues. However the challenge was met head on with further illness from Julia and so I changed the plan and drove to her house for a 'quiet night in', or so I thought. The journey was easy, and despite the tempting smell of Hoo Hing as I passed on the North Circular, I managed to arrive at Weybridge unscathed and hungry. Julia was verbally challenged, but the evening was set and the wine began to flow. French wine from Julia's recent trip to France. Yummy.

The dinner was a simple and yet tasty meal of burgers and chips. I am still not sure if we can count this as American or just British Gastro pub food, or wether I should re name the meal entirely to 'The Weybridge plate'. Any way, the meal was as always when Julia cooks, delicious. However the wine was beginning to flow thick and fast and before I even realised I was rather passed the stage on no return and decided to video a knife on my phone. The evening progressed into me singing and dancing, badly I must say, giving the rabbit so Amoretto and then late night facebook messaging people with silly questions. The final nail in the coffin for me was Dave deciding a needed to taste some whiskey. I carefully showed all who cared the art of whiskey tasting, with some extra added moves of my own to make sure it really is of the right callibre, only to be denied my drink at the crucial moment. 

The evening was a resounding success, the plates of food left on the table, forgotten in all the evenings entertainment, mainly I found out in the morning me acting like an idiot, and finally sleep beckoned. However I was awoken in the middle of the night with a fear of not locking my car. Still slightly under the influence, I ventured outside in nothing but a teeshirt and pants to check if the car was in fact locked. I spent quite a few minutes pressing the wrong buttons on the key fob, getting quite confused and waking up not only Julia and Dave but quite possibly the neighbours, however not caring I proceeded to madly button press until I locked the car, which was in fact locked from the start. 

The morning was not such a good one and I only had myself, and quite possibly the French to blame. And the videos and pictures to remember the evening by. 

2 down, 78 left to go and the Royal area of Surrey ticked off the list. 

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